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Pravina Ladva

Chief Technology and Operations Officer

Swiss Re Life Capital

Pravina Ladva was appointed as Chief Technology & Operations Officer with effect from 01 May 2017. Prior to joining Swiss Re, Pravina Ladva established a successful career in the financial technology sector, taking on complex roles with responsibility for strategy, delivery and results. She has managed direct and virtual teams of up to 400 staff, as well as multimillion pound budgets for international organizations. From 2008 until 2017, she worked in a variety of roles at Barclaycard, including COO Digital Marketplace and CIO Barclaycard Business Solutions. During this time, she led B2B and B2B2C technology and change teams, driving the agile and Dev Ops transformation across Barclaycard.  Also at Barclaycard, she won the best implementation of Agile in the private sector in 2015. Ms. Ladva began her career at Abbey / Santander in 1992, where she enjoyed a progressive, fast-track career and resolved critical operational issues until 2008.

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