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David N. Bresch's profile

David N. Bresch

Professor for Weather & Climate Risks

ETH Zurich/MeteoSwiss

Prof. Dr. David N. Bresch, Professor for Weather and Climate Risks at the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zürich and MeteoSwiss since 2016. 2000-2016,
roles at Swiss Re included Head Business Development, Global Head
Sustainability, Head Atmospheric Perils Group and Chief modeler for natural
catastrophe risk assessment. 1998-1999 Research Associate at Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, MIT, Cambridge, USA. Member of the Swiss UNFCCC
delegation 2009-2012 and 2015, member of the Private Sector Advisory Group
(PSAG) of the UN Green Climate Fund (GCF), 2014-2016. PhD in physics from ETH
Zurich, Switzerland.

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