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Daniel Martin Eckhart

Head Community Management

Swiss Re

As Head of Community Management at Swiss Re they call me collaboration platform and social media guru and I'm spending my days doing my best to motivate and empower colleagues around the globe. How? By blogging, by sharing and by teaching the whys and the hows of collaboration and open knowledge sharing. I see it every day - the value, the sheer power of just how much we can do for ourselves as individuals, for our teams and for the company as a whole when we openly and smartly share our knowledge.

And here - with Open Minds - we take another leap forward. All of this couldn't be more right. We're a part of the hearts and minds of our world. This platform is a place where everyone, across the globe, can have a voice and can participate in an open dialogue. Every voice is valuable - the solutions to the big challenges that face us all will only come if we work together, if we share our concerns, our ideas, our visions.

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