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I am a retired electrical engineer in the USA. When I saw how wildfires were getting bigger and more destructive, I started to think about new ways to fight them. Fortunately, I live near the headquarters of the National Fire Protection Association in the Boston area. They have an excellent library at their headquarters that is open to the public. I spent many hours studying wildfires and the methods used to fight them. When the librarian could not answer a question I had, she called down an executive. He helped me and asked if I would like to join a Technical Committee. I did join,and spent two years on the committee where I gained further knowledge from firefighting experts.

My background in digital network technology allowed me to conceive of a new way to remotely control pumps and valves in a long hose system. The system uses off-the-shelf components. In the Spring of 2014, I will be testing the ability of the hose system to confine a prescribed fire. This will be done at a major university.

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