Please note: After several successful years, the Open Minds blog will be closing. For further details, please visit our FAQ

Open Minds Blog to relaunch as Risk Perspectives Blog

Open Minds Blog (OMB), Swiss Re’s risk and resilience blogging platform has relaunched as the Risk Perspectives Blog. The revamped blog will have a sharper editorial focus and modern user interface designed to make it an indispensable read for the reinsurance industry.

OMB will be live until the last quarter of 2019; however, no new content can be uploaded once Risk Perspectives goes live the second week of July.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we shutting down the Open Minds Blog (OMB)?

A few reasons, actually. For one, community contribution has declined significantly, and more work is done today to manage ads and spam than posting of new blogs. Other reasons include low traffic numbers and the fact that other channels such as LinkedIn were also gaining more traction for blogs.

What will happen to the old posts?

OMB will remain live until Q4 2019. If you want to save a copy of a previous post, you should do so before the end of Q3 2019.

What are our expectations for the new blog?

We will use the Risk Perspectives Blog as a springboard for readers to reach deeper into our thought leadership content. Among other actions, the blog helps readers get in touch with Swiss Re thought leaders; learn more about topics by downloading our research; or register for upcoming events. Our goal is to enrich users' experiences by linking blog postings to our other content: including documents, research, surveys, and events.

Why aren’t we allowing commenting on the new blog?

Only seven of the top 25 blog posts on OMB received any comments, and most of these were by Swiss Re employees or spam ‘bots. Instead, we’re encouraging readers to share blog content on social media, and post their comments there, where they’re likely to be seen by a wider audience and receive higher engagement.

Will the new blog be accessible via phone and tablet?

Yes. Like the rest of, the Risk Management Blog will be responsive, meaning page layouts will automatically adapt to any size screen for optimal viewing.

Can I contribute posts to the new blog?

Our plan is to limit contributions to Swiss Re employees who are top experts in their specialty area.

Can I still share blog content?

Absolutely. The Risk Perspectives Blog includes functions for sharing a whole blog or even individual quotes from the blog.