Overview of changes

Open Minds has been tweaked!

In response to your feedback, we've made our dialogue platform better. Our new layout makes it easier to find and read posts. And we've made it easier to log on, post new stories and share on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.

We've also introduced some new features.

Locating posts

You now can search for stories in different ways.

'Search' allows you to search by title, word, tag or user name. Click 'Search', type your search term and select 'Load stories'.

We've added sub-categories under the original categories. Click on a category to display its sub-categories. Select a sub-category to view all related posts.


You can now add hash-tags (#tag) to your posts. Tags help you find content that interests you. They allow you to classify posts in a way that's even more specific than the 'Category' and 'Sub-category' options.

Add tags to your posts by typing one or more tags into the 'Tag' field in the 'Add story' page, hitting enter after each tag. You can click on a tag in a post to view other stories that also have this tag.

Edit posts/comments

You can now edit your blog posts and comments. Just locate your post or the post with your comment and open it by clicking 'Read more'. Then select 'Edit'. Apply your changes and select 'Update'. You can't delete your own content, but you can ask for a post or comment to be deleted by selecting 'Request deletion' during edit mode.

User profile

You can access your user profile by clicking your user name in the main navigation. Your profile lets you introduce yourself to the Open Minds community. You can upload a profile picture in 'Details', share a brief bio in 'About me', add links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) in 'My social', and add links to your or your organisation's website in 'My links'.

And to view others' users profiles, click on the author's name in a story or comment.