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10 May 16 15:52

Recently, I came across a quote by Eric Hoffer: "The best part of the art of living is to know how to grow old gracefully". I asked myself, what "grow old gracefully" means to me. The thought that struck my mind was "live an independent life as long as possible". While I know that I will take care of my loved ones once they get old and need help, my situation will be very different: I don't have children who would look after me. Moreover, just the thought of thinking to be dependent on someone is disturbing to me since I have always been a very independent person.

But how to prepare for the times when age becomes an obstacle in everyday life? It goes without saying that living a healthy lifestyle is key. Nevertheless, some aspects of our daily routines might be a challenge once we are old. Our body cannot excel the way we were able to handle when younger and agility will deteriorate, eventually. Therefore, we need solutions to help living an independent live as long as possible.

Around the same time when thinking about solutions for independent living, it just happened that I learned about the Swiss Re Foundation Resilience Award. It recognizes entrepreneurial initiatives that take innovative approaches to building resilient societies and realizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But while resilience is the core theme of the annual award program – and here is what made me very happy to hear – the 2016 award focuses on innovative solutions that enable the elderly to live independently at home. What a coincidence!

Moreover, the award program involves a financial grant from the Swiss Re Foundation and, depending on the initiative’s nature, scope and needs, non-financial contributions from Swiss Re employees such as coaching and technical advice. Four finalists are invited to pitch their ventures and the total prize money of CHF 800 000 is divided among the winner (up to CHF 400'000) and the three runners-up. The application period ends on May 22, 2016.

I am excited about the Swiss Re Foundation Resilience Award and eager to follow the progress and it's outcome. Are you too?

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Gemma - 11 May 2016, 9:32 p.m.

As the reality of aging seems to be reminding me more and more, at closer intervals, it is with interest I read this blog. Thank you for sharing the Swiss Re Foundation Resilience Award. I too am excited to see what creativity and practicality comes from it! I'll watch this space for an updates :-)

vijay - 18 Dec 2016, 8:59 p.m.

whilst undergoing a 10 day vipassana session some 16 years back, i started hearing this speed humming sound at a very subtle or weak frequency which started/manifested at the lower back of my brain or maybe at the pineal gland and allowed it to expand on its own, it gained in energy and some few years back it transformed itself into an expanding energy field at an accelerated rate and at present it has mesh into a 'force' energy.
i am posting this and sharing my experience just for knowledge and information, i just cannot teach this.
my experience tells me if we can connect the pineal gland and our navel by using this humming speed sound as a medium, we will experience a synchronized circuit energy field and later on connect it to our inner skin layer.
i felt 'gracefully aging' is a nice article where i could share my experience in the 'comment' section and i sincerely don't know where this speed energy will lead me to...

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