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21 Jun 16 07:21

Digital transformation is a pivotal moment in the insurance industry: it has the potential to revitalize our industry and to make it increasingly relevant to our next generation of consumers.The driving force for this transformation does not come from our industry alone. It's driven also from the outside: From new innovative players in the market who do not so much ask "What is the risk of my idea but what are the opportunities"?

The main driving force is the customer. Digitalization empowers him. He's able to verify the value of solutions and products online. He demands for more transparency, interactivity, user-friendliness – and for customized solutions with a simple and very slick customer journey. If we as an industry can't deliver new players will fill the gap.

So, the key questions for our industry should be:

  • Are we driving the digital transformation or are we driven by new players?

  • Are we sure who the key driver is?

  • Are we able to keep up with the speed of the digital development and with the changing needs and wishes of our clients?

  • Are we able to revolutionize our business model - transform our products, channels and prepare for new digital models - before it is disrupted from players outside?

  • Are we prepared to really finally really put the customer at the centre as our only key stakeholder, and focus our solutions and delivery solely here?

These are questions we're discussing at the Next Generation Insurance customer event (NGIC) at the Centre for Global Dialogue on 22 and 23 June, Swiss Re's key event for digitalization in the life insurance industry. More than 170 experts from life insurance companies from EMEA discuss how we can prepare for digital transformation to make an opportunity out of this huge challenge. A focus of the NGIC is on providing a platform for exchange and for leveraging partnerships of insurance companies with start-ups – promising partnerships for the digitalized future.

Find out more about our Next Generation of Insurance Customer: Bringing it to life event

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Location: Zürich, Switzerland


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