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21 Jun 16 07:40

Beyond temperature: new
directions in weather hedging

Most European utilities are
familiar with hedging the risk of unusual, particularly unusually warm, winter
temperatures. However other weather factors also drive company performance and
should be managed as well. Rainfall affects hydro power producers. Wind and
solar risks are key for the renewable energy industry. We plan to discuss
these weather risks at our annual Weather and Energy Conference, taking
place on the 22nd of June in Copenhagen with a theme "Beyond
temperature: new directions in weather hedging".

The Weather & Energy team of
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is gathering its existing and potential clients together
with renowned industry experts to review the year's activity in the weather
protection business. 12 external speakers and four experts from Swiss Re
Corporate Solutions will join the forum to educate and provoke discussion with
participants, and raise awareness of how broadly weather products can add
value. It's also aimed at getting potential users of the market to "rub
shoulders" with active players in order to help newcomers build
confidence in using weather hedging products for the first time.

Our keynote speakers will
include the CEO of Danske Commodities, Dirk Maubeck, and a turbine engineering
consultant, who has been in the wind market since its inception. We will also
hear from a meteorologist about what to look for in anticipating winter's
temperature. A renewable energy expert will speak about some of the challenges
in estimating a wind production risk. An energy market analyst is going to
share some views about gas and power for the coming year, with an industry
practitioner poised to respond. There's also a panel about hydro power hedging
and an update on what's happening with the wind-index products. Hedging clients
from the US, Germany and Australia will comment on weather management
practices around the world during a roundtable discussion. After a review
of some industry case studies, the group should be ready for an evening in
Copenhagen on the longest day of the year. The social program around the
conference should leave plenty of time for informal exchange, sharing impressions
and networking.

Now in its sixth year, the event
has become a recognized platform for comprehensive expert exchange on weather
hedging topics in Europe. With some 80 clients already registered, and we
have room for only a few more last minute registrants left.

See you in Copenhagen!

Category: Climate/natural disasters, Sustainable energy

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


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