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20 Jul 16 06:49

While the Agency does not need large quantities, iron is a fundamental substance to carry oxygen in the blood. But the body cannot produce it on their own, so it is important to consume it through different foods.

In reality it is not an urgent matter, as is the case with other substances, because the body is capable of storing iron and, in case of need it resorts to such reservations. That makes one not fall immediately in anemia even if you are not consuming much iron in their daily lives.

Equally, it should not be neglected, because once depleted reserves lack of iron can cause fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, pallor, weakness of nails and hair loss.
Women tend to be more affected than men by these disadvantages because their bodies need more iron. To put it in numbers: need 15 milligrams daily and, during pregnancy, 30 milligrams. Men, on the other hand, need 12 milligrams. Why? Because women lose much iron with menstruation.

If symptoms are present, it is not good to cross to the Pharmacy and buy a prepared to compensate for this problem, because it can happen that one ingest iron above the recommended dose, and that may also have a detrimental effect.

There is no return: in those cases, should go to the doctor and do blood tests that determine for certain whether one is anemic or not. That will depend on the type of treatment to follow, because the causes can be many. Anemia may be shot by the bleeding of the gums, loss of blood during an operation or bleeds not detected in the area of the intestine.
You can also refer to failures in the processing of the substance or even a little balanced or absent from meat diet.
When iron stores are depleted, you can dropping more hair. When iron stores are depleted, you can dropping more hair.
It is important to establish the causes so that the treatment is effective. One possibility is that the physician decides to prescribe iron tablets so that the reserves of the organism to recover. Usually have to take them early in the morning, in fasting, with plenty of fluids, and should not be alarmed if during that time the bowel movements are a different color.


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