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07 May 13 11:29

Join an exciting new crowd sourcing competition called TheEarthHack. We’re looking for low carbon solutions that reinvent existing technology and have the potential to go mainstream, in order to accelerate a sustainable business economy.

Having the world's brightest minds just creating more complicated simulations and academic papers isn't working, we can all see that.

But in a generation's time they won't have this problem.

The brightest people just got a bit brighter with a really simple idea. It's time to start channeling the latent genius worldwide to collaboratively attack the biggest challenges in climate change head-on. Better still, it's in the form of a game.

Not in a generation's time, but today. It's time for TheEarthHack. Head to to find out more.

And if you can't submit solutions, how about helping us promote it?

The world's about to re-invent itself – are you game? #TheEarthHack

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