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15 Dec 16 15:50

You may remember my blog earlier this year which introduced the idea that what we see in our food pyramids has possible commercial interests. In today's world where news can just be one person's opinion, I thought it might be helpful to listen to the voices of other experts. So I've reviewed a series of medical studies, some recent, some older, that highlight the lack of evidence around the connection between high fat diets and heart disease, and the perils of following the crowd rather than the data. Hint: Due to a wholesale buy-in by the health profession and the overall population, the 1977 U.S. Dietary Goals prompted a huge push toward low fat (and consequently high sugar and carbohydrate) foods which could be driving today's obesity and diabetes epidemic. Read the report to learn more about these important findings which could drastically improve the lives of people who are overweight, obese or diabetic. Not to mention the implications for life insurance and underwriting. Read the report here.

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Dr John Schoonbee MBChB - 16 Dec 2016, 2:11 a.m.

So it seems the NIH feels the same way about the current state of nutritional research and knowledge : this just published today ...

One key quote "We hope that one of the goals is to try to really examine what we know, what we think we know, and the types of studies that might provide better guidance. "

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