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20 Jan 17 22:20

On October 11th 2016, I was invited to take part as panelist and moderator at the First Workshop on Parametric Insurance for
Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities in Latin America and Caribbean (Primer Taller de Seguros Paramétricos para Autoridades de Regulación y Supervisión de America Latina y el Caribe). 

The Workshop was organized by the Microinsurance Catastrophe Risk Organisation (MiCRO) under the auspice of the Inter-American Development Bank and with the support of the Access to Insurance Initiative, the Global Index Insurance Facility / World Bank, Swiss Re, and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI).

We started the workshop with a survey to assess how many people in the audience truly understood what parametric insurance is. Around 50% of the audience responded that they did not truly understand index insurance. This set the tone for the rest of the day, and a goal to have this question answered before we all went back home.

The workshop attracted more than 80 participants from Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa. Experts representing a variety of public and private sector entities presented on their experiences with index (or parametric) insurance from around the world. I had the chance to present Swiss Re's experience with index insurance both in micro and macro transactions. Our lessons learnt were highly appreciated by the audience, in a region of the world that is trusting Swiss Re and its partner as they venture themselves into the field of index insurance.

You can access the videos of the workshop panels and the panelists' presentations through the following link:

Thank you, MiCRO, for the chance to take part in such a relevant event to foster the understanding of parametric insurance in our region.

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Location: Central America


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