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11 Jan 18 18:11

As new technologies and data continue to change how we engage with customers and conduct business, it's more important than ever that we come together to share ideas and best practices to reimagine the ways we're delivering the services and solutions our clients expect and need.

I can't think of a better place to convene than this year's Canadian Reinsurance Conference (CRC) - one of the premier reinsurance conferences in the world that brings together peers and key industry stakeholders to discuss key issues and trends impacting the L&H industry. This year's event is happening on April 19, 2018 and promises to be engaging and informative. 

I have the pleasure of being this year's conference chair and am thrilled the 2018 event theme is ReImagine Insurance, which is as timely as ever. 

Today's industry reality is forcing us to think about new approaches and new ways to be prepared. The digital world is challenging the way we do business and we should embrace that challenge as we look to build better partnerships with our clients and services for our customers.

Mobile devices are giving rise to new ways of communication and information sharing. The influx of data and solutions to analyze that data are helping us extract useful consumer insights. Advances in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are also creating opportunities for innovation throughout the value chain.

Furthermore, it's no secret that technology has impacted customer expectations - individuals are now used to on-demand, digital experiences. They want curated fingertip insurance: simplified information that's easy to access, immediate answers to questions, propositions that fit hand-in-glove with their needs and lifestyle, and an ability to conclude or amend any transactions instantaneously through digital contracts carried in digital wallets. Insurance continues to be in service to some larger life goals, as has always been the case, but what is shifting now is the need to more explicitly link the two and keep that bond ‘live’ through continuous streams of services and support mechanisms. Anything short is failing expectations, and given where the industry stands today, we clearly have a long way to go to meet and exceed those expectations. We need to make sure we're harnessing new advances that open the way we connect with customers, influence positive behaviors and more.

It's no longer enough to simply understand current trends, collectively we must be a few steps ahead to remain relevant: embrace the future now, or risk being left behind.

As we explore what it means to ReImagine Insurance and focus on customer centricity, the CRC's 2018 program will offer something for everyone. In order to help us all imagine a future-ready industry and inspire on the journey to get there, we're in the process of securing brilliant professional leaders both from outside and within the industry to speak at the event - be sure to visit the CRC website for updates.

We'll have over a dozen breakout sessions that focus on timely topics such as accelerated underwriting, harnessing the power of automation & machine learning, data privacy, genetics/regulation, predictive analytics, behavioral economics and more. 

This year, you can also expect to meet social entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators and disruptors that are passionate about the specific proposition they are working on, overcoming one customer pain point at the time to get to customer bliss and healthy living.

We hope to see you there!

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