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02 Feb 18 11:58

4th of February is World Cancer Day!
Each year, millions of lives are turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis.
Cancer is the second most frequent
cause of death in Europe after heart disease, and the
main cause of premature mortality among people younger than 65.

A ray of hope on the horizon?
While incidence rates in general are increasing, breast cancer mortality has declined since the beginning of the last decade. The same holds true with colon cancer, where incidence rates have been increasing, while mortality has remained relatively stable. 

So while cancer incident rates are going up, the chances of surviving certain types of cancer are also increasing. This is primarily due to the pioneering of new treatments rather than to cancer screening, with the exception of some very specific programmes. 

How can insurance help patients increase their chances of recovery and improve their quality of life?
Access to the latest forms of cancer treatment and therapy is essential to increase the chances of success in the battle against cancer. However, health insurance does not always carry 100% of the costs. This is where specific cancer products come into play. They give patients financial security rather than just reducing the burden of the treatment costs and the lifestyle changes that cancer patients and their families need to cope with. Moreover, they provide patients with the financial freedom to opt for new therapies and treatments, which can prove to be vital!

Swiss Re is contributing towards making society more resilient.
In partnership with insurance companies in Austria and CEE, Swiss Re has developed modular cancer products with a clear focus on the specific needs of individual cancer patients. This might be a one-off payment when a diagnosis is made or a package covering the costs of a second medical opinion, screening or alternative treatments. It also offers an assistance service navigating patients through the complex landscape of treatments both domestic and abroad, and granting them access to new therapies.

More than 20 companies across ACEE countries are now using Swiss Re's cancer products, and more than 500 000 policies have already been sold. There is huge demand also beyond Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. Our team is consistently working on expanding services and improving product positioning. In many instances, the products also serve as a starter product opening the door to covers against other serious diseases, such as stroke and heart attack. 

While insurance doesn't prevent or heal cancer, it does provide effective protection against the financial consequences of the disease. And what's more, it significantly improves access to treatment and assistance services, such as medical second opinion, which serve to validate the primary doctor's judgement. Even if the diagnosis was correct, it is very important to the family's peace of mind to know that it has tried every possible route.

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