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06 Feb 18 23:11

The first book dedicated to Insurtech has arrived: All the Insurance Players Will be Insurtech.

Already the book has caught the attention of the insurtech sector but also that of the wider fintech industry and its players.
It have been in the top 1000 management book on Amazon for all January,

This book have been built on a few clear and bold thesis:
1) It’s unthinkable for an insurance company today not to pose the question of how to evolve its own model by thinking which modules within their value chain should be transformed or reinvented via technology and data usage
2) Insurtech is the “superpower” for assessing, managing and transferring risks
3) Insurtech can make the insurance sector stronger and therefore more capable of achieving its strategic goal: to protect the way people live!
4) All the players in the insurance arena will be InsurTech, meaning organizations where technology will prevail as the key enabler of the achievement of strategic goals


This book has a strong bias:  the love for the insurance sector.
I love the insurance sector and I’ve dedicated my career to helping incumbents in their innovation path. I created two Insurance IoT think tanks – one dedicated to the North American market and one to the European one – consisting of more than 50 organizations, formed to discuss one specific insurtech trend: the insurance IoT.

2017 has been a year full of insurtech discussions for me:
a) My two insurance think tanks focused on insurance IoT aggregated more than 50 organizations (Insurers, Reinsurers, Institutions and tech players) between Europe and US with hundreds of executives involved in more than 100 workshops (almost 350 hours)
b) I shared 170 posts on LinkedIn and learned a lot from the hundreds of comments received. The count of followers grown of 70K new people. I was lucky to meet some in person around the world
c) I took 187 flights to discuss insurtech in 35 cities in 15 different countries, a unique opportunity to shape my ideas from different perspectives
d) I give insurtech keynotes and discussed on the stage at 40 conferences
e) I did my first insurtech investment: Neosurance

I love insurance and I'm fully committed to promoting the innovation culture in the insurance sector.

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