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20 Feb 18 16:21

I rather stumbled into the life re/insurance industry over 30 years ago, and have loved every minute since. Back in the 1980s, Insurance Careers Month did not exist. I am very pleased it does now.

With a $22 trillion protection gap, there has never been a better time to make a true difference, so I embrace enthusiastically Insurance Careers Month and encourage students and seasoned talent alike to take a closer look at our industry. Because without data scientists, technology gurus and behavioral experts, our potential to bridge the protection gap is severely handicapped.
Throughout my career, I've found that the guiding principle in the life insurance industry has remained the same: to effect change and to help build better lives. Some would argue that altruism isn't a compelling enough reason to attract the necessary talent to lead the charge. And they're right. Today's job seekers are also looking for careers that offer flexible working schemes, unlimited learning opportunities and exciting careers on the cusp of technology. Thankfully, our industry offers all of the above.

At Swiss Re, we're making strides in recruiting future-ready candidates who demonstrate not only leadership or tech capabilities, but those who are attracted to limitless challenges and a desire to do good for society.

To attract the next generation of employees – millennials and Generation Z – Swiss Re offers attractive internships and training programs around the globe. We partner with Gamma Iota Sigma to support investment in the insurance industry to ensure Risk Management Insurance courses are offered at various schools. As a result, the amount and quality of candidates interested in job postings have increased exponentially.

This powerful combination of technology and the future workplace paints a very different picture than the one I knew when I first carved my career in insurance. We have never had so much potential to move the needle in closing the protection gap than we do right now. As we move to more consumer-centric marketing, we have the opportunity to reduce the friction of buying life insurance and change perceptions of life insurance: from what it costs to what it takes to get insured, toward the realization that life insurance may be one of the most important purchases one will ever make. Technology and the smart use of data are great enablers, and the next generation of talent is the key to our industry's sustainability and success. 

Insurance Careers Month is about raising awareness. Let’s turn that awareness into action by engaging young talent that shares our vision of a more resilient world.

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