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22 Feb 18 15:29

The insurance industry and the world around are changing with a rapid pace. New technologies, social media, big data, and in particular changing customer expectations and behaviours are producing a massive wave of transformation. As a consequence, we are facing a more competitive environment in which new types of risks are appearing on our landscape. New risks confront us with new types of claims making it necessary to push the boundaries of our own thinking. Are we ready to cope with these challenges?

Some examples:

- Cars equipped with advanced assistance systems leave their drivers over-confident, thinking they can text while driving
- Driverless cars leave the testing facilities and show up on the public roads
- High-rise buildings reach heights at which fires can no longer be fought in a traditional way
- Unmanned vessels will be soon sailing in Nordic waters
- Digitalisation and IOT: we are increasingly exposed to the risk of cyber-crime and terrorism, our daily world is much more vulnerable than perceived by the general public's opinion
- Legal frameworks struggle to keep up with the changes technology imposes

All of these topics present significant challenges for our customers and therefore for us as insurers and reinsurers, while on the other side all of them have the potential to revitalise our industry and bring us to the next level.

We will address these challenges and opportunities at our Swiss Re EMEA Claims Conference in Zurich on 6 and 7 March.

We bring together experts from our industry and outside and talk about terrorism & insurance, high-rise buildings, unmanned vessels, Nat Cat readiness, mobility revolution and many other claims topics.

Together with more than 100 insurance experts from all over EMEA we're sharing our views on how we make our industry future ready.

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