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09 Mar 18 16:08

At Swiss Re our mission is to make the world more resilient.
That's why we're proud to support the State of California's new initiative to make the state more resilient and bridge the protection gap.

Around 10% of California homeowners have earthquake insurance despite the fact that 80% live in an earthquake zone. Nationally, only 7% carry earthquake insurance – down from 10% in 2013. Check out this blog for more details. We've been talking about this issue for years but the only way it will be addressed is for the public and private sectors to work together which is why it's great to see this new initiative.

The Haywired project's goals are to inform and educate Californians in order to help them make better decisions both before and after an earthquake occurs.  This project was launched in partnership with community stakeholders while utilizing scientific data from the Seismic Safety Commission (SSC) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 

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