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13 Mar 18 16:44

Until today air polution was an abstract thing to me. I knew about the PM10 treshold of 50 that should not get exceeded more than a few days a year.
Walking around Beijing this afternoon at about 350 ug/m3 and playing my preferred augmented reality game Ingress it hit me. My throat was burning so much I couldn‘t continue and had to go into a shopping mall to recuperate,
This got me thinking. I had never seen more electric vehicle here in Beijing than anywhere else. In Zurich we have 2 Tesla superchargers. They have 18 in the city centre. There are electric motor bikes everywhere. I see that China is at least trying to get the problem under control.
How is it in Europe or the US. How bad does the air need to get until we start taking serious steps, steps that hurt. A chinese colleague told me that getting a number plate for your car if it is running on fuel is nearly not possible, you have to participate at a lottery to get one.
After my todays experience I am ever more for renewable energies, hoping to that way help keeping polution and climate warming down.

Category: Sustainable energy

Location: Beijing


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