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17 Apr 18 06:53

Type 2 diabetes prevalence is on the rise globally, and the signs
don't speak for this trend to invert soon. More than 1 person in 3
have pre-diabetes in the USA, respectively the UK, and 90 % of
those with pre-diabetes don't know they have it. An estimated
70% of pre-diabetics will progress to Type 2 diabetes over time.

In regions with high prevalence of inactivity in both adults and adolescents; diabetes prevalence
has more than doubled between 1980 and 2014. And yet every second diabetic is undiagnosed in
the UK for example.

On the quest for the underlying reasons for the actual situation, and with the aim to develop
solutions that make the world more resilient, Swiss Re has hosted the Expert Forum on Diabetes: Genetics, nutrition and the future of diabetes

Our education journey was about diabetes predisposing gene variances and future treatments linked to
the microbiome. On a different angle, but as important in the complexity of
preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes is the human behavior and how people
make life style choices. Aseem Malhotra is convinced that the fight against
the global diabetes epidemic needs to be supported by regulatory actions nudging
people towards healthier lifestyle choices, by for example reducing actual
oversupply of cheap sugary foods and drinks.

The concept of providing the right information and incentives to affected individuals is what David Unwin does.
He's been able to support 26% of his diabetic patients on a journey to revert Type 2 diabetes.

Last but not least: what does it take to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes? Our experts
have experienced success factors like intrinsically motivated and realistic
goals, personalised programs, frequent feedback on achievements respectively
the application of the EAST framework; for encouraging a behavior, make it easy, attractive, social and

After a successful event, our mission does not stop here. Next step is providing
sustainable and innovative insurance solutions to the diabetic community. Understanding
strategies in diabetes prevention and management is therefore key, as well as teaming
up with service providers. With new insights we want to invest into prevention
and reversion of Type 2 diabetes, by supporting consumers in making healthy
life styles choices.

And if you want to start from here take the easy receipt by Peter Voshol: consume fresh,
unprocessed and satiating food, accompany it by a decent portion of regular
exercise and season it all with reduced stress levels.

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