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14 May 18 08:49

Plastic Fishing with
the Plastic Whale Foundation, Amsterdam.

Last Wednesday (2 May) 19 colleagues from the Swiss Re
Corporate Solutions EMEA Claims Leadership Team and colleagues from the Benelux
office joined the local Plastic Whale Foundation to go plastic fishing in the
canals of Amsterdam. As we were divided over three boats (made from recycled
plastic!) we threw in a competitive element and, unsurprisingly, this worked
wonders: together we collected over
9 bin bags full of waste! A frantic but fantastic
few hours and a small but important first step in tackling the plastic pollution.
Besides going fishing, the Swiss Re Foundation donated money
to Plastic Whale's school and online programmes. By teaching the children on
the one hand about the problems of pathogens in our ecosystems and on the other
hand about the value of plastic waste, these programmes show tomorrow's
generation how they can play an active role in solving the ever growing problem
of plastic pollution.

All in all, it was a great day
with the Corporate Solutions EMEA Claims Leadership Team and, as supported by
the comments of two members of the winning team:

Anthony Barker: "It
was a great three part experience, seeing the city, working as a team and
learning about the hazard of plastics. The three parts made the lesson

Jonathan Sargent: "I loved going
"fishing" with Plastic Whale. Our skipper was very knowledgeable
about Amsterdam and shared his passion for this great city. It felt like we
were really making a difference to the environment by helping to remove the
plastic bottles and rubbish from the canals. A surprisingly enjoyable way to
spend an afternoon!"

Category: Funding longer lives, Climate/natural disasters

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


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