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25 May 18 09:45

The (Re)insurance industry used to have the label of one of the least innovative areas for customer experience. But over the years, this has changed dramatically and today it's clear: fast-growing technology has the potential to disrupt the entire industry. The question is: is that a promise or a threat? And on which side of the scale do we, (re)insurers, stand?

Let's look at this from different point of views:

• Who takes responsibility for the do's and don’ts of machines?
• Who pays tax if work is done by machines?
• Which jobs will be made redundant? Will there be new jobs?
• Should we - for the first time in history - fear that there will be less jobs, contrary to first and second industrial revolution?
• What are the political consequences?
• And for us very importantly, what does this mean for (re)insurance?

In finding the answers to all the questions we strive to find the best solutions for our clients.
In the short-term, we see tremendous opportunities arising: job profiles are getting more interesting, processes are becoming more efficient and effective and client access to data is experiencing nothing short of a revolution. There are several solutions we are already offering and using at the Dutch market today: e.g. telematics-based automotive products, portfolio analytics using new tecniques of data processing and visualisation, as well as automated underwriting systems across life and non-life.

In the long-term, a taste of uncertainty remains. Who will be liable when a self-driving car has an accident? Will computers take over our jobs? The fact is: we are facing a fundamental change in our society today. This is why we decided to address all aspects of this important topic at our Dutch market event: "How will artificial intelligence change our future?".

Find out more about the event and who will be joining us here.

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