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12 Jun 18 14:35


Perhaps it is not the most obvious and glamorous aspect of aviation but ground handling and the servicing of commercial aircraft poses some real challenges for insurers. In fact a substantial amount of airline premium is redirected to pay attritional losses –literally the "slips and falls" that frequently occur and more commonly during the course of embarking and disembarking from an aircraft. 

Most airlines outsource their ground handling including the cleaning and facilitating the process of passenger embarkation and disembarkation including those passengers with Mobility issues. This is where Swiss Re Corporate Solutions comes into play. One of our aviation leads provides coverage on an excess basis to such a UK based ground handling company .

 Claims have been actively involved in cultivating the relationship and with an integrated approach, together with the Underwriter and Regional Office Manager made a recent air side visit with the insured (see photos!). From previous meetings it was known that they were looking for advice on how they could mitigate the losses within
their retention. 

Following on from a really insightful visit in terms of viewing and indeed participating in their operations and gaining an understanding of logistic issues, our Claims Manager made some suggestions based upon our claims experience in handling similar accounts. One of our suggestions concerned the installation of a further
visual aid for assessing passenger's ability in in disembarking the air sidesteps. It was very well received, in fact it was installed! That is the Claims Commitment in action.

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Jim George - 13 Jun 2018, 5:46 p.m.

Rachel, It's great to see CorSo Claims "getting out there" and spending time with clients to get to know their business/risks and to help them to make their business more safe for customers and others. Well done and thanks for sharing the story.

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