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13 Sep 18 16:23

The global construction market continues to grow despite economic uncertainty in Europe and worldwide. Risk managers in this sector need to be aware of the risks they are facing, how to accurately and comprehensively identify and measure them, how to most effectively manage them and, above all, transfer them in a cost-effective manner through insurance.

Commercial Risk and Airmic held the inaugural Global Construction Risk & Insurance Conference in London on 11 September 2018 - for a fascinating day of discussion of these key topics and identification of the solutions that the construction market need to ensure they are on top of these risks.

With over 240 delegates and a packed agenda, the event was very successful.

I was fortunate enough to participate as one of the panellist in the headline discussion on "Claims and Losses", facilitated by Stephen Tester of law firm CMS. A thoroughly enjoyable debate followed, covering the challenges of talent development in the engineering market; the level and trends in recent engineering losses; practical suggestions as to what Risk Managers can do to maximise their recovery under a CAR/EAR policy; what claims brokers can do to manage expectations on a complex loss, and the role that market bodies such as AIRMIC or FERMA can play too.

It was also an excellent opportunity to catch up with both UK and European Risk Managers in the construction and engineering market.

For more information on the day and the discussion(s), please feel free to contact the author.

Jonathan Sargent

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Location: London, Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel


Sheikh Muhammad Monirul Islam - 23 Sep 2018, 2:40 p.m.

Dear sir, with respect, I am writing from Bangladesh, I am working in Engineering Insurance. In Bangladesh, I do not find any good books. Please give me a list of engineering insurance book and reinsurance book and also how I can be good risk manager. Thank you,best regards, S.M. Monirul Islam

Sheikh Muhammad Monirul Islam - 23 Sep 2018, 2:48 p.m.

Dear sir, with respect,I would like inform you that have question that you have been operating business solution in Bangalore,India, why not in Bangladesh.In Bangladesh, you are the treaty leader and significant business goes to Swiss re. If business solution establishs in Bangladesh, the people of Bangladesh will be skillful like India in insurance, especially in engineering insurance. You are requested to think about Bangladesh.
Thank you and best regards,
S.M.Monirul islam

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