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12 Nov 18 06:03

Unexpectedly for us, the company returned to the development of smart watches

Asus may have left the race to develop smart watches after ZenWatch 3, but the company decided to come back with a new watch, which, it claims, measures blood pressure if worn on the wrist.

According to the company, the VivoWatch BP device presented at Computex Taipei is neither a fitness tracker nor a smart watch; instead, its program has priority in tracking its health. The device measures the level of blood pressure here and now, using electrocardiography and photoplethysmogram, based on light emission.

Thanks to this data, which passes through the Health-AI algorithm, the device provides constant data on your body condition and health recommendations. We do not yet know exactly what other information the Asus watch gives its user, however, according to the latest information, the device calculates the recommended number of steps for its owner.

The features of this watch are not only that they can measure blood pressure, but also your heart rate, sleep quality, stress reliever index and your activity.

And although this device is clearly not designed to supplant any specialized fitness tracker, it can automatically distinguish between normal activity and exercise, thereby providing more precise control over your health.

Naturally, the design of watches is very different from their competitors, since almost all devices that measure blood pressure, consist of an inflatable sleeves, which, in essence, is opposed to the form of watches. However, according to Asus, as a result of this transition, VivoWatch BP is 70% less and 50% lighter than its competitors.

At least it is now, as soon a large corporation Omron, focused on the production of instruments for measuring blood pressure, will release its own device with a screen like a watch. The Omron HeartGuide device, approved by the FDA, will be released later this year.

And since Asus is positioning its watch as a device that monitors health and imitates traditional sleeves, VivoWatch BP is also awaiting FDA approval. As a result, we do not have an accurate idea of when the device will appear on the global market. The company ASUS & Royal London Watches claims that it will be available in Asia by July. However, given that the device must still be approved, in many countries it will be possible to buy it only at the end of next year.

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