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22 Jan 19 06:15

At first glance, it seems that any fruit or vegetable is only beneficial, but everything is not so simple. It is important to understand that the human body is complex and differently perceives one or another trace element.

Directly pomegranate, as it is called "the fruit of Paradise," grows on a tree that lives on average for about a century. This plant loves light and in the process of fruit ripening, this fruit has a lot of vitamins and microelements.


Pomegranate is a product that has long been considered a cure for many diseases. There is no need to repeat that the fruit cannot cure of neglected or progressive diseases, but it will definitely help to prevent the appearance of many diseases.

At the same time, for girls looking after their figure, this product brings health benefits, limited in nutrients, and is not deposited in unnecessary places, because the caloric content of this fruit is relatively small - 52 Kcal per 100 grams.

According to the data of the public health and research institute, the fruits contain a number of vitamins and microelements, each of which carries its own benefit to the body.

1) Vitamins of group "B" - the source of vital activity of the main organs and tissues. The acute shortage of part or all of the group of this vitamin lowers the overall level of immunity and as a result leads to a large number of chronic diseases.

2) Vitamin C - the main source of energy for people. Vitamin deficiency leads to constant fatigue, apathy and frequent exposure to catarrhal diseases

3) Vitamin E - important in the treatment of skin diseases, because this vitamin helps to restore the epidermis and eliminates the irregularities of the upper layers of human tissue.

4) Magnesium - the presence of this microcell in the pomegranate fruit helps the body overcome stress and accumulated negative emotions.

5) Potassium - helps in the prevention of heart disease and circulatory diseases and blood formation functions.

6) Calcium - the presence of a trace element in the pomegranate pits allows to strengthen the bones and increase the strength of the vessel walls.

7) Iron - also improves the walls of blood vessels and increases the level of the liver and kidneys.

Pomegranate is a fruit whose healing properties are scientifically proven in many diseases. There is even an opinion that by using pomegranate, you can slow down the cancer process and significantly reduce the level of radiation in the body.

Pomegranate is very useful in the treatment of ARVI. The juice of this magical fruit will help quench your thirst, activate protective processes, as well as lower body temperature and relieve cough.

Pomegranate fruits are perfect for people with disabilities in the activity of the cardiovascular system. If you regularly use this fruit to people suffering from high blood pressure, gradually normalization occurs.

For people who are prone to stress, white, dried pomegranate membranes will come to the rescue. By adding them to tea, you will relieve tension, calm and strengthen your nerves.

Pomegranate brings great benefit for small burns. It is necessary to lubricate the damaged skin.

Dried pomegranate peel is used against worms.

1) Chop the peel (about 5 - tigrams).

2) Place in cold water, it will need 400 ml.

3) Leave to infuse for 5 - and - 6 - hours.

4) After the above procedures, the tincture should be boiled. As a result, the volume of the solution is reduced by half.

5) The following is the procedure for filtering broth, its cooling.

Pomegranate juice has many uses, including good for cosmetic procedures. If you suffer from acne, pigmentation on the skin, freckles, you can make a special pomegranate mask: pomegranate juice in the amount of one tea spoon combines with sour cream, it also needs a little.

You will need a light application of the mixture on the face, you can neck and neck, do not touch only the area around the eyes. After 10-15 minutes, the mask is removed with warm water.

If we use grenades for a long time, this will be a preventive measure with a positive effect on the human body inside and outside. This applies to atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, and pomegranate will help prevent anemia and prevent the body from being exhausted. When teeth hurt, you need to use the bones, grind them and add them to honey. All mixed up, make a compress on the inflamed gums.


It has long been no secret that free radicals, while in the body, can contribute to the development of a terrible disease - cancer. And antioxidants are able to actively fight radicals. Grenades, as it was found out in research laboratories, contain a lot of unique particles that counteract cancer cells. Even in green tea and dry red wine there are less antioxidants.

If a cancer has already struck a person, then the presence of tannins in pomegranate can restrain its growth. The action of these components is to block the aromatase enzyme, which, in turn, is responsible for the production of estrogen - hormones that significantly affect the tumor process like a perfect diet

Pomegranate should be an integral part of the table for people who complain of pressure and heart. The composition of the healing fruit is such that it contains blood-thinning components. They also help lower blood pressure.

If you periodically eat pomegranates, the risks of such acute ills as stroke or heart attack will be minimal. Regular consumption of pomegranate juice or the fruit itself is recommended for diabetics.

Elderly, and not so much, people often complain about the discomforts associated with joints. And in garnets there are many substances that inhibit enzymatic destructive activity, respectively, the cartilage tissue will be more whole.

Despite all the advantages of such a useful product, there are a number of diseases, in the presence of which the use of pomegranate can be harmful with a general history. Therefore, before you buy a pomegranate in the store, find out if you have such chronic diseases as:

- chronic gastritis with a high level of acidity
- diseases of the duodenum
- an ulcer.

Also a limitation in the use of pomegranate juice can be problems with the health of teeth. However, from this situation, a simple solution can be found: dilute the juice, while the amount of vitamins remains unchanged. Prevention of strengthening the enamel of the teeth does not hurt either.

Since pomegranate has a large amount of ascorbic acid, it is recommended for children, often exposed to viral diseases, including for children with weakened immune systems.


Any lady always seeks, as long as possible, to remain a young beauty. And pomegranate juice and its kernels can be an assistant for this purpose. The feasible task of the fruit is to increase muscle tone and elasticity of the skin.

Also, those who love to eat this product, can boast of stamina and vigor. This is the so-called natural hormone. It is most welcome for women who experience discomfort and headaches on menopausal days, as well as for those whose menstrual cycle is irregular.

Pomegranate also contains active ingredients that prevent osteoporosis from developing and destroying the bones, helping to preserve the memory and vision of older people. Prevention will be if you eat a half of the fruit once a day. The fruits of pomegranate, due to the complex of useful substances, have the function of preventing and inhibiting the development of a cancer on the breast.

Again, the whitening effect will be beneficial if someone doesn’t like their freckles or suffers from age spots. Excellent cosmetics, the ingredients of which are extracts from pomegranate in the manufacture or some part of the fruit at home, is obtained for people with oily skin.

About masks and lotions based on pomegranate juice, it is known that they have an excellent matte effect, as well as they perfectly dry acne and rashes, relieve inflammation. The pomegranate peel has a wonderful healing effect on minor burns, cracks and scratches just like a perfect workout The peel is stretched and applied to the necessary place of the skin.


Vitamins and trace elements in pomegranate in excess. Grains and juice contain iron, respectively, doctors prescribe these products to raise hemoglobin in the blood and treat anemia.

The potency of a man will be better if you often resort to the use of fetal bones. This effect was known to ancient people. Ancient manuscripts contain records of formulations, for example, in order to improve erectile function, you should grind the grains with sugar.

Periodically eat grenades, on the advice of nutritionists, you can lose weight people.

Suffering from blood pressure will also help a wonderful fetus. If the body is clogged with toxins, filled with bile and too much liquid, the garnet will act as an intoxicant. Its usefulness is proven for cores and those suffering from gastrointestinal ailments.

Antioxidants, vitamin - mineral complex, trace elements contains peel. It will go to fight viruses and to treat the nervous system. You can make a healing drink from pomegranate skins.

Many in manganese garnets, which is rare for most products. All human organs and metabolic processes are associated with this substance.

Every day you need to eat pomegranate, because it has a healing composition of substances, these are: vitamins of groups BB, PP, A, E, C, magnesium and iron, manganese and sodium, and also potassium and calcium.

The beneficial effect of pomegranate juice on the male reproductive system has been scientifically confirmed, because the flow of blood to the sexual organ and back outflow from it is increasing. The effect of juice extends to the blood vessels, as nitric oxide in the blood increases.

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