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21 May 13 06:24

What you see below is one of the latest documentaries on the toxic asbestos trade in India and it contains alarming footage. While over 40 countries have banned its use, many developing countries continue to import and manufacture asbestos products. There's not enough data to give us a true extent of the number of people suffering from asbestos related diseases as much of it is not reported or is misdiagnosed.

The lack of sufficient laws preventing the use of asbestos in India thanks to intense lobbying by importers who claim white asbestos is safe to use if handled properly, ensures that countries like Canada (which has banned use of asbestos) have a market for asbestos mined in its territory.

What's clear is that the key to tackling the problem is raising the awareness especially in places where proper precautions are not taken in handling these deadly fibers. And while the number of cases from asbestos related diseases reach a peak in the developed world, in the developing world, it's only just beginning to rise.

Will a complete ban ever be imposed? Or will governments succumb to politics and corruption putting thousands of lives at risk 20-30 years down the road? And will we ever know the full extent of the problem?

101 East - India: Toxic Trade

More than 50 countries have banned asbestos products but India cannot get enough and is importing the mineral from Canada. Is India investing in a future hea...

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