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28 May 13 11:50

I recently joined a Space conference in Rome where I learned that the famous solar storm called "Carrington event" taking place in 1859 causing severe defects to the telegraph system as far South as Texas was maybe not the biggest solar event ever. A recent publication shows evidence for an event that was 10 times larger.

We usually base our worst case scenarios on the Carrington event. Have we been grossly underestimating solar storm risks? Solar storms what could they do?

Solar storm can damage satellites, disturb radio communication of airplanes, distort GPS signals and maybe even destroy transformers, which could potentially lead to prolonged power outages.

Find out more in our infographic:

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Daniel Martin Eckhart - 4 Jul 2013, 4:07 p.m.

I've read an article that makes everything in that infograph pale in comparison. The article claimed that, if a massive solar storm where to take out electricity - the collapse of the financial system would be the least of our problem. The article goes on to explain that a massive solar storm would cause global nuclear disasters. Solar storm > power goes out > diesel generators at all operating nuclear power plants kick into gear ... here's where it gets interesting: Apparently those generators have enough fuel for eight hours - plenty of time to get more fuel from the nearby fuel stations ... except that traffic chaos would make that impossible. So - after eight hours nuclear power plant generators would stop cooling down the rods ... if that's factual, it's pretty scary ... here's the article >

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