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06 Jun 13 16:48

How much can we actually infer from a face? According to scientists some personality traits may be written all over our faces thus having important implications for our sexual behavior as well as for the way we behave. It is interesting to see that evidence suggests that around 90% of us think we can judge someone's personality just by looking at their face. But is there anything else that we could conclude from a face reading? The answer is yes: BMI!
Professor Guodong Guo and his team from the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in West Virginia University in Morgantown have recently introduced a computational approach to BMI prediction from face images. This is based on an algorithm which assesses seven weight-related components in a face image, including the ratios of cheekbone width to jaw width, face length to cheekbone width and the average distance between eyebrow and eye. They can then run the program across images of 14,500 faces of people with known BMIs.
The BMI face prediction project is at an initial stage at present but the team aims to include even more facial features in the future in order to improve accuracy of estimates. They are also confident and optimistic that their software could be used in smart health applications which relate face images to BMI health related risks.
But how accurate can such measurements be? Can we actually group people as obese based on these?

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Rashunda Tramble - 18 Jun 2013, 3:57 p.m.

Do the researchers mean that they can predict BMI through facial structure *if* the person doesn't take care of themselves? For example, what if I look like my siblings (even similar face shapes) but eat properly, whereas my siblings overeat and are obese?

Aspasia Angelakopoulou - 18 Jun 2013, 4:13 p.m.

I don't think that researchers put this *if* in their prediction understanding is that they predict individual BMI independently of whether the person takes care of himself...all information is based purely on face characteristics...not sure if they are looking further than that (if I understood your question well..)

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