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11 Jun 13 10:29

Swiss Re's upcoming 150th anniversary has got me thinking about past, present and future. What was the world like in 1863? How have decisions and developments implemented since then shaped the world we live in today? And what will the world look like in the future based on choices we are making now?

I believe increasing globalization presents as many opportunities as it does challenges and my hopes for the future and this big, beautiful world are big. In this video I share some of what motivates me.

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Daniel Martin Eckhart - 13 Jun 2013, 9:50 p.m.

Posted this on my Facebook account and a friend commented: "Rich visuals, provocative writing, a strong message. I need to spend more time on the site!" I couldn't agree more. Beautifully done ... and I'm thrilled and amazed that those are really all your very own pictures - what an amazing journey that must have been - looking at the pictures, I really do get a sense of people, sounds, smells ... but most importantly, a sense of community. Yep, we're all in this together - as you say "the cat's out of the bag" - we're global, we have to think and act accordingly and like you - I'll do my bit to be a good neighbor. May we all!

Jennifer Rodney - 23 Jun 2013, 10:25 a.m.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback Daniel! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. They mean so much to me but I wasn't sure what sort of impression they would make for people who don't have the context or connection to them that I have. It felt important to me to focus on the people - rather than places/landmarks - because the biggest miracle of the trip for me was the fact that no matter the location, the culture or the language, we were able to connect with people and were received with kindness. This capacity for compassion and connection is amazing to me. Reading news headlines and focusing on all the issues the world faces, it's easy to forget that the majority of people are fundamentally good. I think/hope we're beginning to see the effects of positive connectivity in the way technology has been enabling communities to speak up for common beliefs and values, from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements in the States, to the recent protests in Brazil and Turkey. Just think of the potential when the community = the entire planet.

Alicia Montoya - 30 Aug 2013, 6:51 a.m.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Glad to be sharing this global neighborhood with people like you :) And I agree, dialogue is vital, as solutions must be implemented locally and work globally. No single person, country or organization has the answer. The solution to these issues is like a riddle that can only be solved globally via dialogue. Who's in? I look forward to exchanging with people like Sarah Harper, Bill Emmott as well as Swiss Re's clients and employees at the dialogue sessions around Swiss Re 150... and beyond!

Tobias Wassmann - 21 Apr 2014, 10:10 p.m.

Just discovered this now. Great video, Jennifer!

Jennifer Rodney - 22 Apr 2014, 8:15 a.m.

Thanks so much Tobias! It was put together over the course of one hectic weekend just about a year ago when I was applying for the job at Swiss Re. I've learned so much about the challenges humanity is grappling over the course of the past year with Swiss Re. My appreciation of the complexity of the issues has increased, but my conviction remains the same - I really do think that we are one big global community, and the faster we start thinking and acting that way when it comes to addressing risks like climate change, demographic challenges, energy problems and food security, the better!

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