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02 Jul 13 13:55

Swiss Radio 2 (SRF2) have just finished a series of programmes on ageing and longevity. I was lucky enough to take part when I accompanied Swiss Re's Klemens Binswanger to the studio to record a discussion round.

The concept of the round was pretty simple - imagine the world for a child born today who will live to be 110. How will that child work? What values will that child have? And how close are we now, to being able to provide this.

The line-up for the discussion was special - a philosophical economist trade unionist, a gerontologist and a reinsurance specialist. This somewhat unconventional mix provided some pretty interesting material and opened my eyes to some issues I hadn't thought about.

For example: currently we work for about 40 years to finance 20 years of retirement - so the work/retirement ratio is about 2:1. If we want to keep this ratio but live to 110 - then we'd need to work to about 85 to finance the remaining 25-30 years retirement! Which is a little bit frightening - as much as I love my job.

Swiss Radio have the full programme in German on their website and it's well worth a listen.

Die langlebige Gesellschaft: Sind wir darauf eingestellt?

Wissenschaftlich ist klar: Wir werden in Zukunft länger und gesünder leben und das wird für die ganze Gesellschaft einschneidende Veränderungen mit sich bringen. Sind wir darauf eingestellt?

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