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06 Jul 13 10:50

As part of Swiss Re's 150 year anniversary Open Minds project, we're speaking to people from around the world. This clip particularly resonates with me. This is Nozizwe Mafilika, a former nurse and the grandmother of Wongie Mafilika (who's in our trailer! > )

We hear so much about climate change (news, conferences, politicisations, etc.). But unless directly impacted, it isn't yet tangible for most people. For me, this grandmother's words make climate change more real - and a more pressing matter - than all official statements put together. She reflects on the way it used to be, she observes what happens around her now ... and she's deeply worried for the next generation.

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Rashunda Tramble - 8 Jul 2013, 10:16 a.m.

This touched me also. And you know something? There's a strong chance that she and other elders noticed something was wrong waaaaay before all those "edumacated" researchers did.

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