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08 Jul 13 06:23

While in South Africa, the Open Minds film team met with Davin Chown, Director of Genesis Eco-Energy. He spoke with passion about sustainable energy and a world where all do their part. I love the way he put it - "To live more simply, so that more may simply live".

After a decade of helping the government shape policies to bring about sustainable energy change, he now sees a major shift - solar plants are up and running and wind farms are being built. The global energy system has to change, Davin says, there is no alternative. Fossil fuels have long been considered a cheap energy source - but over the course of the past years the real cost has become apparent. Davin believes that ultimately the change has to come from citizens. As they realize that they can make a difference, as they change their behavior and put panels and turbines on their houses, that citizens' movement will make it tangible for politicians.

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