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10 Jul 13 17:43

We all know by now the great EU objective "20-20-20" (20% of energy savings, 20% of usage of renewable energy and 20% of CO2 reduction by year 2020 with respect to 1990). In order to TRY to achieve that, industry and governments are setting a few (too few!) programs and developments in that sense. In equipment this is becoming obvious: domestic appliances are more energy savers, consume less water and chemicals, cars consume less gas, etc. That's fine and most welcomed. Work must go on, whether we achieve it or not.

The EuP (Energy using Products) directive that I started in the EU Commission (Brussels) a few years ago goes even further: it obliges the manufacturer of any product that would use resources like energy, water, etc., to consider from the design stage ALL the environmental aspects that this product could impact and provides harmonized solutions for each case. Energy, water, oil, chemicals, waste, recycling, reuse, disposal, emissions… all that is in the directive, a powerful instrument to minimize the environmental damage. And guess what?... products in the scope of that law will not be allowed in the EU territory (28 Member States) unless they comply with the directive. Work is progressing.

But I fail to see more personal attitude, more personal commitment on fellow citizens. There is a huge difference among EU Countries in this respect. We need to insist; the above programs will help, but a little personal discipline when using resources could help even more; the environment is ours, for our enjoyment and therefore must be taken care by us. It is like health: you take care of yourself… if you abuse your own usage, you´ll get sick, simple!.

Personal discipline? Of course!. When showering you can set a flow limiter in the tap; you´ll hardly notice the difference, but the environment will. Irrigating your garden… use drip (and many of your plants will kiss you). Heating the house… yes, but the room(s) that you are using, not all at all times!. Going by car? Yes, but how about car pooling?... so much relaxed!. Etc., etc. the list would be too large and become boring. The trick is to see the environment as your environment, an intelligent friendly blanket that you carry with you at all times… and before you do anything you ask your friend blanket if she likes it… try, it works!

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Tri - 10 Jul 2013, 7:44 p.m.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo.

Otro asunto. Playas, uso y disfrute en las playas, ahora que estamos en pleno verano y nos atañe. El fumador en las playas, yo he sido fumadora y se que apetece el cigarrito, pero LAS COLILLAS NO SE TIRAN EN LA ARENA. Para eso están los ceniceros que se venden en forma de pico, se clavan en la arena y no se ensucia la playa y por arrastre, el mar.
Somos muy descuidados, vamos dejando en la naturaleza un reguero de porquerías que se puede evitar si ponemos de nuestra parte un poquito.

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