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11 Jul 13 14:48

If ever there ever was a reason to stop using fossil fuel, then it has to be this:

Over decades – and with the very best of intentions – the Chinese government distributed free coal to the people in the north of the country to help them stay warm during the region's bitterly cold winters. This fact, say researchers, polluted the atmosphere to such an extent that the average life expectancy for the country's northern inhabitants is five-and-a-half years shorter that than their fellow human beings in the south.

Watch the BBC film report here:

In recent years, under pressure from citizens affected by severe environmental pollution, the Chinese government has ordered the heavy-polluting industries to cut emissions by 30% by 2017.

A Swiss Re publication, "Pollution risk assessments in emerging markets," explains the crucial role environmental risk management needs to play in mitigating pollution in these regions of the world.

China's coal addiction 'shortens lives'

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