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16 Jul 13 15:41

Paul Murray is Swiss Re's Head of Life & Health Products in Hong Kong.

In this video clip, he explores one challenge facing an ageing population. Namely, "The longer you live, the more money you need to survive," especially as ageing often comes with its own costs in the form of healthcare and general long-term care. There is a need to adapt to this changing financial reality but at present, insurance products that could provide sufficient financial coverage are not readily available.

He also ponders why the population of Hong Kong has such long life expectancy and how statistics can undermine perception.

You can read more here:

If you're curious what the average life expectancy in YOUR country is, visit the World Health Organization's interactive map:

Ageing population pushes up costs of getting old

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Category: Funding longer lives: Long-term care, Longevity risk

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