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18 Jul 13 16:31

Over 7 million tons of food are thrown away in the UK on an annual basis, according to the Waste & Resources Action Programme. As if this waste weren't already enough of a shame, it also results in the creation of 17 million tons of CO2 as food rots in land fills, thus harming the environment in the process.

I'd like to think these figures would be enough to make people and businesses change their habits around buying, using and disposing of food, but I'm more of a realist than to expect significant change on this front any time soon.

Which is why I was so pleased to read about a waste management solution that's been successfully implemented in Oxfordshire. There, food waste is collected from households and brought to a specialized processing plant where it is turned into methane via anaerobic digestion (that is, organic garbage soup gets eaten by bacteria. Yum.), which is then processed and converted into electricity.

It's a solution that addresses food waste, greenhouse gas reduction and alternative energy sourcing together in one fell swoop - seems pretty brilliant to me!

Read more about the program in Oxfordshire here on Climate Central:

And about the Waste & Resources Action Programme's figures here:

Category: Food security: Food waste, Climate/natural disasters: Pollution, Sustainable energy

Location: Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


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