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24 Jul 13 06:51

Since 2007, New York Sun Works (NY Sun Works) has been inspiring urban students to think differently about everything from energy consumption to food supply to urban planning.

Following the success of their "Science Barge", a sustainable farm floating ON the Hudson River, NY Sun Works developed the Greenhouse Project in 2010. The project provides an interactive classroom where students and teachers alike delve into environmental science through hands on learning.

Manuela Zamora and Sidsel Robards co-founded the Greenhouse Project. In this video clip, they share how they have witnessed children learning quickly and understanding clearly - and that they see the project spreading.

Learn more about NY Sun Works here:

New York Sun Works

Category: Food security: Farming, Climate/natural disasters

Location: New York, NY

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Alicia Montoya - 1 Aug 2013, 2:25 p.m.

Love it!! Bring on urban farms everywhere! Not only can they produce large amounts of crops (and fish, in the case of projects like, which I sponsor), but also provide invaluable hands-on education. And I believe it is only through education, as well as unbiased scientific analysis and lots and lots of innovation that we will understand and then solve the challenges we face in terms of food security, sustainable energy, climate change and more. Thanks for posting. Will fwd to my friends in NY :)

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