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26 Jul 13 14:48

Imagine this, you belch and a swarm of those dreaded mosquitoes drop dead right in front of your eyes.... While you could enjoy such a super power only in your dreams, our Mother Earth, could actually do this anytime.

Not sure of the effect, but it might blot out all the rays and radiations from sun and from other cosmic origins. Initially, there might be a green house effect but who knows, the cold takes over and all earth gets covered in snow.

Possible? Perhaps, if Earth belches out that methane trapped under the now melting Arctic ice cover. Remember that 10 million tonnes a year is already leaking from these areas, and when 50 billion tonnes goes out in one go, am sure the effects won't go unnoticed to the naked eyes and to both common and uncommon senses.

Loss might be in trillions, but what makes me afraid is the loss of life. Yes life is still precious in our eyes. What catastrophe it might bring upon us can only be theorized.

Is it our doing or are we mere mosquitoes to the Earth?

Does this doomsday prediction looks much closer to the one posed by the Mayan prophecy? What do you say?


• Huge methane belch in Arctic could cost $60 trillion - environment - 24 July 2013 - New Scientist

Arctic Methane Catastrophe

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Jennifer Rodney - 30 Jul 2013, 10:17 a.m.

Hi Paritosh. The video you posted is actually pretty scary! I just saw this info-graphic and it also makes my breath catch a little when I started reading the consequences of surpassing our carbon budget. Great graphics, sobering projections... Take a look:

Paritosh - 30 Jul 2013, 4:37 p.m.

Great infograph!

Besides, we could only try... Nature will always have its own plan

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