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03 Aug 13 14:49

Lets leave the veg and non-veg debate, shall we? Confusions and debates are bound to happen when its discussed globally. After all, food habits differ soooo much across the globe!!!

What interests me most is this news...

The headlines says that Scientists for the first time, cook a lab grown lump of meat!!!

Must say, I've been waiting for such a news for ages and I can assure you its a hair raising event and has a potential to change the world that we live in once and forever!!

Let your imagination run wild, think what end of food crisis could mean for humanity!!

Trust me, when stomachs are full, world will move in a different direction and that would be fulfilling passions... Let's say, for example... Spiderman would not need to work part-time to support his living, he can now devote his life entirely for crime-fighting!!

Perhaps it will act as an antidote to not only the economical crisis we are seeing across the globe but all the crisis including the pollution we are spreading and deforestation we are causing on earth...

Perhaps my story here will never happen and the aliens would be happy to meet us after all:

If I can digest those GM modified veg food, that has been thrust upon me, I can't think of any reason why I cannot eat this lab grown meat.

What do you say, would you eat it? Do you see it is a world changing event like me or I am just being delusional?

Scientists to cook world's first in-vitro beef burger

LONDON (Reuters) - A corner of west London will see culinary and scientific history made on Monday when scientists cook and serve up the world's first lab-grown beef burger.The in-vitro burger, cu...

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Gavin Montgomery - 5 Aug 2013, 3:06 p.m.

I'm looking forward to eating synthetic meat. I suspect that as the technology improves, the product has the potential to surpass the vagaries of the original - after all, we can control all the inputs, manage the level of fat, etc. The only shadow over my naive vision of the perfect steak is our past experience of a food industry willing to do just about anything to bring down costs and boost margins. As you mentioned in a previous post, we do rather rely on a fundamental shift in corporate behavior and attitudes.

Paritosh - 8 Aug 2013, 5:40 a.m.

You are so very right Gavin! All I could thank for is the presence of Internet, for the course correction. Internet acts like a window of a bullet train to the humanity. All I wish for is the freedom of Internet, cause it will be bad if the window of bullet trains are replaced by the HD television system.

Alicia Montoya - 8 Aug 2013, 9:41 p.m.

Well, as long as innovations can be manipulated at the cost of human lives, I'd be very wary of putting basic needs like food in their hands. Look what happened when high speed trains in China, built at breakneck speeds to meet a tight government deadline, killed dozens and injured hundreds:

But innovation in the context of policies focused around consumer protection? Bring it on!

So for now, no synthetic meat for me (not to mention that I'm mostly vegetarian but I'm extrapolating to lab food in general). I trust nature far more than our corporations and governments. Nature has no incentive to cut corners on my well-being.

But how do we make it in corporations' and governments' interests to favor consumer well-being, short and long-term?

Paritosh - 9 Aug 2013, 2:43 p.m.

Read somewhere that its not the poor or hungry who waste the food.... It puts the blame entirely on that small group of people of the world who could afford even those ridiculously expensive organic foods.

With such a breakthrough, I feel happy for that larger group of people who struggle to buy food everyday. They could now have a future....

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