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03 Aug 13 18:29

Scientists in Delft have developed a simple technique for separating oxygen and hydrogen in water using sunlight.

Not being a scientist or even particularly technical, I have no clue how important this might be but it sounds really cool. The claim is that they will be able to produce hydrogen in a solar cell for use as a fuel when there is no sunlight.

As the article states: "One rough estimate shows the potential inherent in this technology: At a solar performance in Germany of roughly 600 Watts per square meter, 100 square meters of this type of system is theoretically capable of storing 3 kilowatt hours of energy in the form of hydrogen in just one single hour of sunshine. This energy could then be available at night or on cloudy days."

Best of both worlds: Solar hydrogen production breakthrough

Using a simple solar cell and a photo anode made of a metal oxide, scientists have successfully stored nearly five percent of solar energy chemically in the form of hydrogen. This is a major feat ...

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Location: Germany


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