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21 Aug 13 05:57

More bad news:

On Tuesday 20 August (according to these folks), we consumed all of the resources earth can produce for 2013 -- two days sooner (ie, worse) than just last year, and about a month sooner than ten years ago. For the remaining 4+ months of this year we will survive by depleting our stocks of finite resources and adding carbon to the atmosphere.

They also break down on a national level and over time:

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Howard Smith - 21 Aug 2013, 9:36 a.m.

That's a very powerful way of showing the overall impact of the over-consumption -- and I think that finding good ways to measure and track these things is extremely important if there is to be a good chance of making the subject sufficiently tangible.

In a way, I am surprised that Overshoot Day is as late in the year as it is ... given the massive growth in population over the past 100 years, say. I expect this means that the position will deteriorate significantly, and quite quickly.

No doubt the methodology can be challenged ... but I applaud the attempt to summarize the complex data into a simple statement.

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