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11 Apr 13 07:34

Societies and local communities need to adapt to a changing environment. The earlier they decide to do so, the lower the cost - and the better the chances to learn while adapting.

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Gavin Montgomery - 28 Apr 2013, 6:54 a.m.

David, you should check this out - - an article written in 1970 from the archives of Modern Mechanix predicting inevitable climate dooooooom. I'm not too sure how to read it. On the one hand, after more than 40 years the environmental debate seems to be stuck in a rut with growing public fatigue at the increasingly hyperbolic and often hysterical claims of modern Chicken Littles. On the other, it could be argued that decades of legal intervention have in fact staved off some of the worst environmental consequences of industrial production and could, in fact, prevent worse outcomes if we could move from legislating at a local level to legislating at a global level. Either way, it's a fun article and I guess we can be grateful that those darned sonic booms haven't damaged our kids... oh wait... :)

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