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21 Aug 13 12:07

In the workforce people often refer to being left or right brained implying simplistically that you are either more logical (left brained) or creative (right brained). However, researchers at the University of Utah have tested this long standing theory. Using brain imaging they analyzed the results of participants' functional MRI scans and looked at the level of connectivity between regions of the brain and in particular the connectivity on one side of the brain versus the other. Jeff Anderson the lead author of the study reported that whilst we know there are differences in the activities performed by different parts of the brain, people don't have a stronger left or right-sided brain network. The full article is published on line this month and it will be interesting to have more details about the study.

The link to the source can be found here:

Researchers Debunk Myth of "Right-brain" and "Left-brain"Personality Traits - - - University of Utah Health Care - Salt Lake City, Utah

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