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22 Aug 13 06:13

Over 70% of central Manila is now under water. Schools and businesses have been forced to close, flights have been cancelled, and financial markets have stopped trading. The stakes continue to rise with the flood waters, threatening hundreds of lives and livelihoods in and around Manila.

Every shocking new image that reaches us from the current floods in the Philippines – or indeed from Pakistan, Russia or China – is a reminder of just how uncompromising and relentless nature can be. In the face of it all, it's easy to feel a sense of fatigue and resignation.

But we simply cannot afford to be complacent because the risk is real and increasing, and because much of it can be avoided. Better disaster planning, new infrastructure investments and smart adaptation measures can come a long way to making sure that local communities are adequately prepared for the next big flood. This is even more urgent in the world's sprawling cities where over half of people now live.

Do you want to know more about flood hotspots around the world? What can you do to mitigate your flood risk? Check out Swiss Re's flood risk app for more information on this topic:

Category: Climate/natural disasters: Floods/storms

Location: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Josephine Chennell - 22 Aug 2013, 10:26 a.m.

Thanks Andreas, with increasingly severe floods in all parts of the world - whether in cities or in the country side - we need to find ways of addressing it. I'm adding links to two articles for anyone who is interested, one on what is making the floods worse in Manila, and the other on Swiss Re supporting in new index based flood insurance scheme in Bangladesh:

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