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22 Aug 13 10:37

This Hazara water carrier in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley spares no effort to make the best use possible of the precious water...

However, as in many developing countries, access to clean water has also for him become a key challenge. Growing demand due to population growth and industrial development will further aggravate the problem, particularly in regions impacted by climate change. Tourism is typically one of the fastest growing industries in those countries. It generates income and employment but also massive wastage of water. Therefore I wonder if we should not care much more about sustainability when choosing our holiday location. Promoting sustainable tourism would be an effective way to encourage this industry not to waste valuable resources. Just recently I made a great experience on Chumbe Island near Zanzibar: a spectacular place with wonderful people committed to the non-consumptive use of natural resources. Let’s hope that such initiatives will multiply in the future.

Category: Food security

Location: Afghanistan


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