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27 Aug 13 09:15

Our just-released Risk Perception survey is full of interesting results gleaned from interviews with folks around the world. With a survey covering so much territory (figuratively and literally), it's tempting to release "just the facts". But the facts affect not only the survey participants, but me and my colleagues here at Swiss Re as well.

The conversation I had with David Cole, our Chief Risk Officer, about the survey is a prime example. In the video (see right), he discusses the survey results and what they mean to him. Check out what happens at the 1:50 mark: his face lights up, his eyes glisten. Why? Because he's talking about his family...what they think about our future, their future and their children's future.

And that's what the Swiss Re Risk Perception Survey is about. It's more than just a listing of numbers and trends: it reflects what you and your family think about risk and what lies ahead.

Watch the video above to hear more from David and the results, analyse the data and create your own infographics in the Risk Window. Then, tell us what you think.

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Urs Leimbacher - 29 Aug 2013, 3:24 p.m.

One core finding from this survey that impresses me is that, across all countries, people show a willingness to take responsibility.

This is good news for all who advocate a balanced approach between our own taking responsibility for our lives and our environment and the degree to which we ask the government to "care for us" by providing services that the taxpayer has to finance.

One conclusion for me is that in managing risks, governments must leave room - or even set regulatory incentives - for private insurers to come up with new solutions.

And in some instances, a cooperative approach bringing together competences from both the public and the private sector may be best.

One good example for this public-private-partnership-based approach is the Rural Resilience Initiative: UN World Food Programm, Oxfam America and Swiss Re are partnering in this innovative risk transfer:

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