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12 Sep 13 15:36

Reviewing Swiss Re's risk perception survey brings some interesting opinions on how we fund longer lives now and in the future.

It seems awareness is very high that the proportion of older people could cause financial concerns 20 years in the future. When asked if they agreed that this was an issue, the highest level of agreement was in Japan ... no surprises there.

But even in Mexico, the nation with the lowest level of agreement, awareness is high. Mexico's proportion of over 60s will rise by more than 150% between now and 2050 according to the UN.

How can we use this awareness to make sure that rapidly-ageing, emerging markets can ensure that longer lives remain a benefit to society and perhaps don't make some of the mistakes so-called 'developed' markets have made?

Why not take a look at the link to Swiss Re's Risk Window below, carry out your own analysis and share 'What's on your mind'?

Risk Window | Swiss Re;cnt=769;age=1

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