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24 Sep 13 15:16

The Asia-Pacific region comprises 52 percent of the Earth's surface area and 40 percent of the world's population, and experiences over 70 percent of the world's natural disasters. One of the important and high frequency phenomenon is the typhoon/cyclones in this region. September is the month of super typhoons in North West Pacific (NWP). On average ~30 typhoons form in the NWP basin and of that 21% reach the super-typhoon intensity (>= 67 m/s). The Philippines and Taiwan are the main countries that experience the super-typhoon wind intensity. Most of the super-typhoons start degrading after crossing the Philippines and Taiwan and lose the status of super-typhoon before making landfall in China and other neighboring countries.

Typhoon Usagi (Japanese for Rabbit) is the 19th reported typhoon, 3rd super-typhoon, and 1st Cat-5 event in the NWP basin this year. The event degraded to Cat-1 before making landfall to less populated regions of Guangdong province in China thus reducing the impact from this event. Typhoon-induced rainfall flooding is one of the important characteristics of events in this region. Events (even low wind intensity events) in this basin produce a huge amount of rainfall because of interactions with the mountains and monsoon flows, which give rise to the huge flooding. Despite the high frequency of typhoon events in this basin, the region is not prepared enough. Every year typhoon-induced flooding causes huge amounts of displacement of population in this region.

With rapid economic growth in this region, both economic and insurance losses will increase exponentially unless strong actions are taken to mitigate the impacts from these disasters.

Typhoon Usagi Destroys Homes, Causes Dozens Of Deaths In China : NPR

The typhoon, which stormed ashore north of Hong Kong on Sunday evening, has been blamed for at least 25 deaths in south China's Guangdong province. Some 8,490 houses reportedly collapsed in the ty...

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